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Hey Jason, it's Bob. I am calling you about 2 things: Number 1, for turning me on to the Finworks fin. I got out today in really heavy conditions overpowered. That fin is fenomenal! Its faster and it points better. If you start your bottom turn overpowered you don't have to worry about spinning out.
Number 2, I talked to Mini-Jason today (he is inside my head). I said 'what am I doing wrong? I am having a problem'. He said 'you sheet out when you are entering a jibe' so I stopped doing that. Now I can handle the overpowered conditions. Anyway it was a great day and I hope you are doing well. Call me when you are back in town. See ya!
Bob Dow, February 2004

Thank you so much for being such a fantastic teacher! You were extremely helpful with all the equipment, rigging, & you were the best "ride behind" teacher. Getting in both footstraps was a very, very, big deal for me! It was fantastic to have your guidance and to learn within the first hour of the clinic how to do something I have been so fustrated with for so long. You are my new windsurfing hero - replacing Rhonda Smith, my other great teacher. I hope you know how talented you are. If not, take it from me, you are terrific. All the best,
Laura Freid, Brown University, Executive Vice President, External Affairs, January 2002

Calling to say thanks a lot for making our summer Great! I learned so much from you about windsurfing this season. I'm really enjoying the sport now and it's largely because of your great instruction. Hope you had a good time in Orlando, we wish you a great time in Maui, well got to go.
Mary Anne Mc Carol, September 2002

Thanks man, that looping lesson I just took was really really worth it. Now I can just go for it anytime...
Dave, Rio Vista, California, May 2002

...I know who you are. We need to get together sometime because I really need your help. I heard you are the best in the Bay Area.
Devin, Candlestick, San Francisco, May 2001

THANKS A LOT for your expertise, patience and encouragement. We don't forget that...
John and Carrie, Rio Vista, California, June 2000

THANKS a lot! After four lessons with you we learnt so much that we are now hooked on this sport completly. It's time to buy our own toys.
Mike and Sarah, Rio Vista, California, June 2000