Photo Gallery

King of the Bay, AUGUST 2003, 3rd Ave, San Francisco

    Tyson, Pete, Jason and     Derik in between heats.

  Jason with a Body Drag all       the way to the beach.

  Tyson talking to Pete and        Andy about his heat.

Jason Voss wins the award    for the moteliest looking  videographer at the event.

   Jason finishing up an arial       Haus Tack close to the               R O C K S ! !

   Derik hitting a high flying  and high scoring Spock 540 with his color cordinating kit.

   Andy Brandt Back to Sail,        his signature move.

   Jason in the middle of a             Yo Yo Duck Tack.

Tyson throwing a nice Spock   540 or Diablo, you decide.

  Jason Voss coming in after a heat on his Compact Move       100 and 6.2 Charge

  Nick's first run of the heat and he's throwing a twisted              Spock 540!

    Derik with a high flying Spock 540. It's a repeat but    well worth seeing again.